More Ebola BS

The whole Ebola panic has really gotten under my skin. Today's outrage is a paragraph in a New York Times article that reads:
"But there were also governors with wide leads in their races [Cuomo NY and Brown CA] who have imposed strong measures. That suggests, political analysts said, that governors from both parties  are worried about potential political damage should their states appear unprepared for an outbreak."
First: "strong measures." What does the Times mean by "strong?" The measures are idiotic, anti-science quarantines that pander to the ignorance of a dumb-ass population. That's not "strong" - it's asinine,
Then: "appear unprepared" - appear to whom? Again, it's the dumb-ass population that's running the show here. Preparedness in fact means training health care workers to identify possible Ebola patients, and training the population to recognize and accept the facts of science. It does not mean elevating willfully stupid people to the position of policymakers.
This is truly scary, folks. We know how Ebola is transmitted. We know the science of Ebola. It is not an open question; it's settled science.
What happens when something we don't know about appears? It will be chaos, a complete breakdown of civil society, and civil liberties will disappear faster than you can say quarantine.