The Aviation - a truly beautiful cocktail

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The Aviation (a variation on the classic)

Note: Martini glasses are much larger now than they were in the early 20th century. This recipe fills one 2011 glass or two old-style glasses.

1/2 cup of Beefeater gin
1 tbs. lemon juice
1 tbs. Maraschino
1.5 tsp. Crème de Violette
1/2 tsp. “really” simple syrup–mix equal parts sugar and water in a jar and shake until the sugar dissolves

Chill the martini glass(es).
Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and chill in the freezer for 5 or 10 minutes.
Take glass(es) and shaker out, add a few ice cubes to the shaker, and shake as though your life depended on it. Strain into the frosty glass(es) and hope that a few shards of ice rise to the top.