The Margarita, Two Ways

From The Boys’ and Girls’ Little Book of Alcohol, available at amazon, iTunes, and

Margaritas, Two Ways
The easy but yechh way: Dump a can of children’s frozen concentrate into a blender, add ice and enough tequila to keep everyone from realizing how crummy the drink tastes, and press “ultra-high”; if you’re lucky, you’ll forget to put the top on the blender.

My way—makes 4 cocktails:

3/4 cup inexpensive white Tequila (it’s dumb to waste fine tequila by drowning it in a Margarita, but then I’m a cheapskate)
2/3  cup unsweetened lime juice
1/4 cup orange liqueur (we had Orange Curacao on hand—you can use any type)
1/4 cup Really Simple Syrup. (You can buy Simple Syrup ready-made, or you can boil sugar and water and stand around staring at a candy thermometer, or you can make Really Simple Syrup by putting equal parts sugar and water in a jar and shaking it until the sugar dissolves.)

Pour some flaked salt onto one small plate and a thin layer of lime juice onto another.  Add all ingredients to a large cocktail shaker with some ice; shake. Dip the rim of each glass first in the juice and then in the salt, then pour the Margaritas in the center.