Freak Out

"We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?"

Norman Bates is right: insanity is just a hair's breadth away, whether we choose to acknowledge the fact or not. I went crazy yesterday for about an hour. My study had to be dismantled to install a new floor (HVAC unit, leak, rot). I survived the movers, the wreckage of the old carpet and pad and floor, the pounding and the sawing, and the movers' return.

But I couldn't handle the unpacking and flipped out. Tears, wailing, despair, suicidal ideation. Seriously. My Gibraltar-like husband, over the phone, soothed me and urged me to step away from the vicinity and close the door behind me. Smart.

I spent the afternoon in bed listening to a hypnosis tape. The next thing I knew I was at Gotham Bar and Grill having a marvelous dinner with my old college film professor, Bill Paul.

I'm a pretty happy guy, except when I'm not.